What We Offer

NPI Maturity Model Assessment

Assessment model to understand your current baseline and identify improvement areas

Portfolio Management Tools

Tools to manage the portfolio of new products to insure the right mix of risk/reward and ability to execute

Multi-Generational Product Planning

Processes and tools to drive a strategic and market led approach to new product development that aligns to your business strategy. Life-cycle management of your products

Voice of Customer

Proven methods to insure new product success with customer involvement from point of inception to post launch. Kano modeling for product feature prioritization

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SKU Rationalization

New Product Introductions are exciting and rewarding. What about the existing products? Does the new product cannibalize the existing product? Integrate SKU rationalization into the NPI process


Competitive Analysis

Tear down models, reverse engineering, IP reviews

Lean Techniques

MVP for speed to market

Product Management Organizational Ladder & Skill Acquisition

Map program management complexity with skills needed to ensure success

M&A Portfolio Expansion

Specific merger and acquisition strategies to close product portfolio gaps with “Lean M&A” concepts

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Transforming business performance through strategic planning and new product introductions (NPIs).

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